The University of Liberia will resume Teaching and Learning for the Second Semester of the 2019-2020 Academic Year with an Online Learning School environment.  The question “what kind of textbook will the teachers use” in the various classes has been raised.  With this new mode of online education envisioned for UL, the best textbook and other teaching resources for all UL faculty will be the free open-source textbooks that can be easily accessed by teachers and students.  All Moodle online classes at the University of Liberia will use OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES as the primary reference textbook materials in their online classes.  Students will not have to buy pamphlets and teacher printouts of class materials. All teaching material will be available free of charge at your Moodle online website. The link to thousands of possible textbook resources is attached to this email.  Please also check the TLC website for more textbook resources.   OPEN TEXTBOOK RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE

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