Moodle Administrators Information

This is your Moodle Information Guide!  These two Information Guide links will give you the important information about Moodle to get you started with a good understanding of a Moodle Online Learning Management System.  There are at least three possible ways you can access and enjoy this important Information about Moodle.

a.  You can view this Information in the clouds and read it from there.

b.  You can download all of this information to your laptop and read it from there and print out your own personal copy.

c.  You can download all of this information to a flash drive and visit one of our Technology Group of Experts at the World Trade Center on Gurley Street, or under the old Education Ministry at the corner of Broad and Mechlin Streets or in the Redlight Market beside the LBDI Bank and get them to print out the book for your own personal copy.

Moodle Administrators Information link:

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